London Paediatrician – Dr Alexandrou’s London Practice

Dr Alexandrou_Alex

Dr Alexandrou‘s clinics at Portland Hospital have been extended from mid- February 2014 to three days per week as follows:

From February 2016, there is available clinic in HCA The Shard every Wednesday.

Mondays:   10:00 – 18:00

Wednesdays:  10:00 – 13:00 ( The Shard), 15:00 – 18:00 (The Portland Hospital, 215 Great Portland Street)

Saturdays:     10:00 – 14:00

Also kindly note that  ad-hoc appointments can be arranged on request.

Dr Alexandrou is a London-based Paediatrician. His private practice is located on London’s Portland Hospital for Women and Children, the UK’s largest independent Children’s Hospital. At the Portland Hospital, and as a member of a team of leading consultant paediatricians, Dr Alexandrou is offering two levels of care: the assessment and management of acutely unwell children within the hospital and outpatients’ consultations. Dr Alexandrou has extensive experience in all aspects of General Paediatrics and Paediatric sub-specialties. He has practiced Paediatrics in several major paediatric institutions in the UK and Canada. He has a special interest in the care of the newborn and the early years of life.